Football in Manchester

Manchester is home to many different sport related attractions. Manchester is fortunate to be the home of two of the largest football clubs in the world, Manchester United and Manchester City. Both teams have world class players, managers and establishments which provide the local area with entertainment and some people the opportunity of a career in football. Not only is there two of the largest football clubs in the world, there is a whole museum dedicated to football in the heart of Manchester as well as multiple stores dedicated to the large football clubs.

Old Trafford

The home of Manchester United football club, Old Trafford offers locals and tourists the opportunity to embrace the full Manchester United experience. The club offers tours and guides of the famous parts of the stadium including the changing rooms and commentary areas.

Etihad Stadium

The home of Manchester City football club, the Etihad Stadium has only been a local landmark for a few years following the commonwealth games in Manchester. The teams popularity has sky rocketed in recent years thanks to their wealth and ability to attract top players and staff. One of the most incredible features of Manchester City is their youth facilities which bring up and support many local people and give them the opportunity to pursue a career in football in some way.

Manchester Football Museum